In light of recent of global events relating to COVID-19 and the recommendations to stay at home unless strictly necessary, please be advised that as of March 17, 2020, we will be closing our physical office in favor of working remotely.

We have procedures in place to be able to work on client matters and if appointments are necessary, we can work those into telephone calls or teleconferencing appointments for the most part. In person appointments will be limited to those that are necessary due to the health or safety of an individual and those will be screened appropriately ahead of the appointment to ensure low risk of exposure.

While we will maintain the ability to answer our phones, we would recommend email communication where possible.

Please also be advised that the Court of Queen's bench has suspended all actions until May 1st, 2020 at a minimum.

We thank you for your patience, and wish good health for everyone.

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Just as everyone should have a qualified and trusted family physician, dentist, optometrist, and banker; you should also have a qualified and trusted lawyer.  Life can sometimes change in an instant...a car accident, a change in your relationship status, a family member passing away, or even a lottery win!  You will want to know who you can call on to guide you through some pretty tough decisions.  It may be the last thing you want to have to think about, but when you need one, you want your lawyer to be experienced and you want the process to be as painless as possible.

The lawyers at Mountain Vista Law are not your typical lawyers. With over 20 years of combined legal experience you can be sure you are getting highly skilled representation.  We also know what it means to live and work in a local community and your experience at Mountain Vista Law will be personalized to suit your unique situation.

Stop by our office today, leave those images of  lawyers you have from TV and films behind, and we'll show you what local community law can really feel like!

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